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PostSubject: REBORN GUIDE:   Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:07 am

Easiest way to reborn on newbies.....

LVL1 - LVL60 = kill Pusang Gala

LVL60 - LVL168 = Secret Basement

LVL168 - LVL200 = 200ROOM... go to market then look for the warper at the other side of the BUS STOP.

LVL200 - LVL235 = 300ROOM

After attaining LVL235 exceed your EXP til 235% or above but not exceeding 250% EXP otherwise it will be bugged and not reborn.
Just make sure you have enough gold before reborning.

HAPPY GAMING TO ALL FairyTaiL Players........

IGN: Jhaybby
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